Iron Man

My son and I spent the Sunday on the new Iron Man Movie. Movie was OK nothing spectacular. One thing I don’t understand in these new age movies is the philosophy of unmasking the superhero. For me, to be superhero, being “stealth” is one of the necessary point. But in today’s picture, No!!! In the movie at the end, Iron Man addresses a News conference and says “Yeah, I am Iron Man!!” What’s with that? The same thing in Spiderman movie!!! (Well at least it was not a news conference)

And another thing, Why try to show the human side of a superhero. Well, for that I would see Mahanadhi and cry for about a day. We go to Rajnikanth and Spiderman movie to see the hero kicking some bad guys butt….


rantravereflect said…
ya're ryte..
there's nothin elusive about unmaskin a superhero- it's such a mood-spoiler, it removes the element of suspense and interest..

i think that's where iron-man failed cos otheriwise, the movie was pretty good i thought..
Gayatri said…
Iron man left me with the effect of watching a vijay movie.. was sooo bad.. i got free tickets so i'm not cribbing too much :)
Well, I thought it was OK. I didn't like it that much. The Indian looking villain in a village in Afghanistan; Well that was funny!!! For a moment I thought I was in a Rajni movie.

Vijay Movie :) But, I do think Vijay would have fought the villain without the Iron Suit!!!

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