A Friend Called I.Ra

A good friend of mine (weird but good) called me over the weekend. I was seriously looking for jobs in management, and as if he had copy of my brain, advised not to go into management. I cursed him with couple of Tamil words which cannot be repeated here and asked why? He says that as per my astrological signs, managing people is not one of my strength. After spending time and resources on MBA, PMP and 6 Sigma he tells me this. I think I am going to cry....


Ela said…
but u know...managing people is really a tough thing.....an art which needs to come as a natural blessing....atleast that's what i have come to believe looking at things. but if u think u can handle it and u have it in u,then nothing should stop u, alright?!
It's his comment on astrology which pissed me off...
rantravereflect said…
Being futuristic is onE thing- like wen ya sensibly foecast in scientific ways USING categorical methods and a strong head!!
being 'future-alter'istic is wat astrology is though- it definitely is stupid, cos wat it does is not logical - it 'mesmerises' you with 'hey i know what's going to kill you. it's going to be a strange bird, shaped like a flying saucer that poops on you some toxic dropping' it sounds so fantastic that ya belive it, even if ya're a sane person, and ya say 'what if'.. its almost as if ya will the bird alive..
i think astrology makes ya think the way it wants ya to, and thereby comoes true..
if ya dun believe it one bit, and ya express no illicit faith, it jus goeth to the dogs..

n if ya watch spongebob, and ya can manage a 6 year old, ya must be a manager who makes people laugh, and still make them work!!!n soo ya must be a good manager

ps: i know mba pmp and 6 sigma shud 've led me to the conclusion tat ya're a good manager, but heck, i find alternate thinkin the best character-analysis!
Rantravereflect- That's what I would say, if I can manage a 6 year old then I should be able to manage a team. :)
Astrology is weird right? I don't analyze time before I leave my house. I don’t ask myself whether its good or bad time, but lets say you are ready to leave and someone comes and tells you that it really a bad time to do something, that sticks to your mind right. So I always say if you follow astrology, then good for you, please don't try to impose that....
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