SpongeBob Squarepants –

Between me and my 6 year old, we both might be the biggest fans of SpongeBob Square Pants. I know, I know, a naysayer would say that a six year old shouldn’t be watching SpongeBob Squarepants, but the show is damn funny. Here are some of the quotes.

Spongebob: Patrick look what we have found.
Patrick: Well, What is it?
Spongebob: If you press this button, it will make everyone dumb.
Patrick: Lets do it?
Spongebob: Click
Patrick & Spongebob: Duhhh
Spongebob: Click
Patrick: Duhhh
Spongebob: Patrick, I turned off the machine hours ago, why is it still you are acting dumb.
Patrick: Duhhh

Patrick: are they laughing at us?
Spongebob: no, Patrick. They’re laughing next to us.

Squidward: Would you not stand so close. I'm getting claustrophobic.
Patrick: What does claustrophobic mean?
Spongebob: It means he's afraid of Santa Claus!
Squidward: No it doesn’t!
Patrick: HO HO HO!
Spongebob: Stop it Patrick you’re scaring him!
Patrick: HO HO HO!

Spongebob: what do you usually do when I’m gone?
Patrick: waiting for you to come back.


haaaa :)
ya n ya 6 year old eh? i can imagine- i found the ho ho ho darn funny..

i'm no naysayer- way 2 go man! 6 year olds should neva miss out on this kinda stuff..ike duhhhh ;)
Slogger said…
Thats right, cartoons are far better than any other TV program we get any how!!!!
slogger -->
ya're slogging too much! amartya sen's argumentative indians- do ya realise how big ya're tyrin to sound out there??? ;)
ya're tryin to tell me ya're not an idiot,by putting yourself in his league? :)
i'm impressed :)
now let me spot ya idiosyncracy,
i'm ryte behind you! and ya can't see me the next time ya diggin ya nose ;)

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