Law College fiasco –

Let see, if the police has stepped in and arrested these so called Law College students, then students would have went on strike, broken couple of buses and claimed that the police has stepped in without any warrant (It has happened before). Now that they didn’t, it’s the inactiveness of the police? These freaking assholes, why were they celebrating Devar’s birthday in college? What that bastard has done is started a way to celebrate caste in Tamil Nadu, and now he is a hero!!! Because of him leaders like Ramdoss, Thirumal Vallavan, Sarath Kumar have found out that caste based political system is successful and taken it to a different level.
The way colleges run in Chennai (not all, most of them) is a joke. Colleges like Nandanam, Madras Law College are breading grounds for budding political superstars; all they do there is riot and degrade women. Back in 1992 when I was a student of CEG, I used to travel in 45B. The amount of abuse these so called students from Nandanam did to women is unbearable. Literally one day a married women broke down and started to scream that even her husband didn’t do what these bastards where trying in the bus. I felt so bad in the bus; it was one of the worst days in my life. No one did anything (including me) because we were close to Nandanam College and everyone was scared to act. Students lock them in jail; I don’t give a freaking rat’s ass.


Ela said…
when the living are stupid, stone-headed enough to fight based on only one aspect of the dead and gone, then why blame the dead ones?
I guess I dont forgive the dead that easy

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