Ahimsa –

“Given the choice between violence and cowardly flight, I choose violence.” – Gandhi.

Any fool can follow Ahimsa, because for a coward it’s an easy path, it’s a safe haven. There is a reason why people in India follow Ahimsa; there is a reason why people in India like to be called Gandhians; there is a reason why we call Non-Hindu’s our brothers, because Indians are cowards.

Sometime ago, I talked about how Indian politicians (Congress and leaders like Mayawati, Mulyam Singh, Karunanidhi) are playing with India. But being the cowards that we are this was never an issue. Oppression of poor and illiterate can only go so long. Take for example how conservative Islam spread in some parts of Africa. 20 years ago State and Islam never got mixed, but the disintegration of State and sheer disrespect for human life has brought in a new bread of fundamentalist within Islam. Of course this new bread is supported by money from Middle East, who want Allah to force his will through out the world.

If you are wondering where I am going with this post, wait no more. Last month we were educated by our socialist Indian media with a new term called “Hindu Terrorism”. If you are surprised or shocked by these events either you are a moron or you are living in a dream world for the past 50 years. The last 20 years (50 if you consider Kashmir) there are bomb blasts and riots all over India, but we (sons of Gandhi, follower of Ahimsa) were told to show them love and we were asked to follow a path of non-violence. If the social structure is correct; if State is functioning properly, then one can cover these actions with progressive growth. Prosperity will overcome disparity. Be it Irish revolution, Eta campaign, or America’s Black/White issue, the country’s prosperity has forced people to overcome these divide. But people in India are not that lucky.

You cannot kill one’s family and ask him to follow Ahimsa. If that guy has nothing to lose, what do you think he is going to do? Fundamentalism come trough oppression. For example, I can talk ill about caste system in India because I am economically better and I have no advantage in using caste system. But for a guy who has nothing, the only support he is going to get is through his caste, isn’t it? It’s easy to sell fundamentalism to him. This is exactly what’s going on in India. All it takes is people like me who are so fed up with Indian system and who is a devote Hindu to sell his/her ideas to socially and economically deprived individual. Because for people like me, it a mode to get back to basic. I will admit that I want a Hindu State in India. Right now, I am at the verge, I am not sure whether to support the so called Hindu fundamentalism or not. There is a thin line which separates it, and I think the former is winning.

Honestly, I would not want people like me ruling India. But it’s up to the people and Indian politicians to force people like me out of politics. You give them prosperity and a better life, if not believe me; you will see more Modi’s and more me….


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