Dhoni "The Master" has done it -

Well folks, Dhoni "The Master" has done it for Chennai Superking, both with his batting and his captaincy. When the Kings were going great, he dropped in 1 down where Raina was playing so wonderful and screwed the run rate and the total score. With Captaincy, Gony is back do I have to say more? He has no idea about bowling and bowling change.... Pandey didn't have clue against Murali but he came in at 10th over by the time the game was over....Dhoni what a Worthless Cricketer....


Ottayan said…
Relax, this too shall pass :)

Having said that, I would love to get my hands on Dhoni's neck.
Slogger said…
I don't understand all the hype Dhoni is getting!!!

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