Chennai overcomes Dhoni - Wins!!

Nothing is comparable to Dhoni's captanicy. How the heck is he managing the Indian team is beyond me!!!

- Badri to open! Really, I think Dhoni is feeling that he could be a weak link in the Chennai 11!! He doesn't want to come in at 6 down so he is doing all he could to screw Badri who is a strong candidate for 2 down.

- Jakati and Tyagi were the best players in the team for the past 2 games, yet they bowled 4 overs between them? Why only Dhoni knows.

- Gony selection, really?

- Its amazing how in each match there are atleast 3 players who play no part in the game. Today Bailey was in the 11 and ?

- I like Balaji, but if he is best death bowler in the 11, then good luck.


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