Arundhati Roy –

What happens when you win “Booker Prize”, you become a social activist; silly!!

If you are an Indian, Booker Prize can arrive either by bashing about the social inequalities in India or by giving a view on how bad things are in India. For Arvind Adiga its White Tiger; the novel is nothing but a cheap road side book, but hey it talks about inequalities, it got to win!!!! For Kiran Desai its insurgency in India’s west, well it has the theme!!! Now, Naiupaul and Salman Rushdie are different, even though they both bash India, I feel they are true at heart. They write because they are at pain to see India crumbling.

Of all the writers, Arundhati Roy takes the cake. Now Ms. Arundhati Roy does not like anything Hinduism. For her it’s a joke; right now she is on a trip to Pakistan and selling her ideas such as, RSS infiltration in Indian Army, Social inequalities, and on what she thinks as terrorism. Ms. Roy's hatred towards a Hindu is nothing new, it came from her childhood. Ms. Arundhati was born to a Bengali (Hindu) father and Syrian Christian Mother (Mary Roy). I don’t know what clicked between Mary Roy and this poor Bengali tea planter, it didn’t last long. She divorced him and moved to Kerala. Now a single mother bringing up a kid, in a strict Kerala Syrian Christian society, with a hatred towards a Hindu father, no wonder where she got her ideas from. To give you a glimpse on her book “The God of Small things”, the books revolves around 2 main characters “Rahel and Estha” who are twins and ends with incest between the two, which the author validates through social inequalities in India.

For some people the world they see is full of issues, they neither have a clue what the issue is nor they want to be part of the solution. Ms. Arundhati falls in this kind, for her an India dominated by Hinduism is full of distress. Does she have an idea on what Hinduism stands for? If she finds a social or economical injustice why doesn’t she propose a solution instead of bitching about it? The moment she finds a microphone she blabbers some nonsense and the worlds listens because she has a Booker Prize. After reading the book I felt sick on how low you can go to prove your point.

Let’s take some of her arguments

1. 2001 Indian Parliament Attack – For her Mohammed Afzal should be free. It’s a big conspiracy by Indian government to blame a Muslim for a Parliament bombing. OK, if you feel that there is enough proof that Afzal was not linked to the bombing then come out with it! But she doesn’t, but talking about it, did bring a front page article about it!!!
2. 2008 Mumbai Attack – For her as Indians should understand the wider context behind Mumbai attack. She argues that Indians committed atrocities during Gujarat Riot, in Kashmir, and during Partition. So it’s logical for Muslims to attack or bomb or kill Hindus. What a way to analyze an issue? Only a booker prize winner could argue like this….
3. Sardar Sarovar Project – You are against Dams, against Nuclear, against Coal and how the heck you want to feed energy hungry economy? Do you have a solution? Heck no but she sure knows how to revolt against the project. When Tamil Nadu government wanted to move the slums, she was there too. Does she want them to live there all their life? Did she propose any alternatives?
4. Kashmir Independence – Well Muslim want it, why don’t Indian government give it to them? I don’t know Ms. Arundhati, why don’t you ask a Hindu in Afghanistan who has to wear a mark to identify his religious liking.

People like her, who don’t have an iota of idea on what’s going on around us, are now social activists. I guess her mom Mary Roy taught her well. She sued her brother for inheritance money and now she is a Women’s right activist.


Ela said…
lol.... u r angry it seems... i did read Ms. Roys two books and was not impressed ... so never will take her seriously... and look at our society - how crazy it is for stardom and any nonsense they blabber... wo when filmstars do that let us let a booker prize winner also do that!

And I did like white did drive the nail straight into the heads.. i do not/will not deny the fact that inequalities do exist in our society (the fact it is there in every society is a knowledge i have but does not concern me mcuh since i would like my house to be clean and prosper first!) and that book brought out the attitude most Indians suffer from!

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