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Every wonder what life would be if one where to mimic a Masala Movie? My life is like Rajnikanth Movie, a complete mix of comedy and action with sprinkles of tragedy. But unlike Rajnikanth, who flips his characters at ease, I couldn’t do it. People get confused, I don’t understand! People like masala movies, then why don’t they like my approach? My son for instance, I don’t discipline him for jumping on the bed or watching Spongebob, I normally join him, but when it is homework time I make sure that he doesn’t let his mind wander and do his job and job alone. For some reason he couldn’t take it, yesterday he made a journal entry on why he like Obama. The reason, Obama doesn’t force him or yell at him to do his homework. I don’t get it. He is not alone though, at work it’s the same story. Normally I joke around at work, just for that people expect me to pat on their back if they don’t deliver?

The conclusion, the world is not made for people like me; it’s for people like my father, for people who play offence and offence alone. Even if they are wrong they come out fighting. My very first day at Anna University, one would think that your father would be proud that his son got into CEG, but no, not my father. He got irritated at the red tape at the school and gave me an ultimatum, he said, “I going through all this for you, if you ever get a single bad grade your ass would be on fire”. May be he didn’t say ass but something on that line. So as a son, I know what do expect from my Dad, to kick my ass and that alone. My kid, I guess gets confused when I bring Masala Movie techniques in real life. Don’t know what to do now, I should write a letter Rajnikanth and find out how he does it…Do you think he would answer?


m said…
I don't know whether Rajni will have an answer... atleast then u two guys can go out for a drink and get it all out! (becoz i think he must have also had a hard time with his 1st daughter and her marriage!)

but i agree with u.... most of the times i also feel that being nice does not gets paid well.... that's becoz when one is nice people does not think that "this person is nice" instead they think that "this person is stupid"

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