Animal Kingdom

Yesterday, I conquered Mt. Everest. It was a great ride, I was so proud that my 7 year old made it through the ride.

I am amazed by the amount of work Disney has put to make sure the Indian Section in Animal Kingdom looks authentic. Yeti hotel, Old tractors (it looks like a bike), Telephone pole, rest rooms, and all take you back to India. It was really awesome. You know what’s even better, they brought old Cinema Poster from India and they are pasted all over the place. Illyaraja was there, apparently he was the music director for the film “Secret Agent Raja” and Nadhiya with a sexy smile asking you to buy “ஈகில் மார்க் பட்டாசுகள் ” I am impressed!!


Ela said…
Haahh... now u will go into the history as one who conquered Mt.Everest! Congrats! heee...heee
Slogger said…
From this day onwards I will be called as "இம்மையம் கொண்டான" and this day will be celebrated as a National Holiday

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