Gun Control in US of A

Gun Control in America is a touchy (read Stupid) issue. In America the right to hold a firearm is protected under the second amendment of its Bill of Rights. While I am a proponent of individual rights, I don’t feel that “Right to bear a firearm” falls under the right’s of an individual. People are buying assault weapons under this senseless law which causes more harm then anything. Shootings in schools such as in Virginia, Texas and not to forget the Columbine massacre are all hushed away as something irrelevant. It looks like every week there is a shooting spree which results in multiple deaths. I was watching 60 minutes yesterday and they were showing a guy selling gun under a Nazi banner? While I appreciate his marketing skills (Basically using a marketing ploy that it’s Black Obama trying to control White (NRA) American) it just shows how stupid it is.

Majority of people in America think that if it’s in the Amendment then it has to be right! It’s more like people questioning evolution because it contradicts Bible! The question is what is one’s intention when he/she buys a firearm? Whether you buy a firearm to protect yourself or to rob a bank the intention are the same, to hurt others isn’t it? If you argue that one have every right to kill someone who tries to rob him or someone who tries to rap his wife, the issue is a law and order problem. It literally means that law enforcement is not doing their job right. You can say that police cannot be everywhere, true but that doesn’t necessitate that you should be holding a firearm. Compared to America, European countries which have strict guns control laws perform much better when it comes to law and order issue. People want to go through their emotion, look I would like to kill someone who harms my family too but is that right?

People in America should take a good look at the way Terrorists are operating now. “Freelance Terrorism” a term I would like to describe the recent attacks in Mumbai and Lahore. This is a real threat; these morons dress up as regular people and start attacking. Now if Guns are available so easily what is stopping them? As human beings we are much better in reacting rather than making a proactive action. May be the government will think once it actually happens or who knows then they might argue that everyone should hold a Gun so that we could have gang war on the streets.


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