Dhoni gets it wrong -

Chennai Super Kings lost their first match against Mumbai Indians. If they got beat by a better team, that's OK but the match was lost because of bad team selection.
1. R. Ashwin, selected as Spinner never bowled, Vidyut would have been a better bet.
2. Patel, I don't know what is Dhoni's fantasy with Patel. Vijay or Arun Kartik should have replaced Patel.
3. Thushara - Even though Thushara performed, it was a bad choice. They have so many wicket taking bowlers, Ntini, Morkel, Murali I couldn't understand the logic behind Thushara's selection.
4. Joginder - I understand that he is one of Dhoni's boys. But he is fading fast, should be replaced by Tyagi or Balaji.


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