Chennai Super Kings (I still hate the name) lost there 2nd match due to bad Captaincy.

- Still sticking with Jogi. He bowls one over and comes 8th down; don’t know what his value is.
- There is a thin line which differentiates arrogance from confidence. Dhoni thinks he is good enough for 2 down, don’t know how he came up with that conclusion. Either he can open the batting or come 6 or 7th down.
- Badri should be 2nd down.
- Patel to open? Really, that’s the best they got?
- Real icing on the cake, Dhoni asking his bowler to learn from Delhi. Yeah right, that should go well with players like Murali, and Flintoff.

The match was lost due to his poor captaincy nothing else.


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