End Game

Sri Lankan government is paving its way for a total annihilation. Of course they are helped by out inept Dravidian parties. How well do we use these poor souls to gain power? Jaya until the election day was against anything Tamils do in Sri Lankan, but now she is a savior. I have never seen anyone fasting for 6 hours, “Karunanidhi” if only this bastard has used 10 percent of the time he spent protecting his family and power, Lankan issue would have been solved long time ago.

Mahinda Rajapaksa action is nothing but ethnic cleansing. One has to agree that leaders like Hitler and Edi Amen survived mainly through people support, so I would assume that every if not most Sri Lankan support their leader’s action. But my friends, you will never win this war through killing others. Just look where Rwanda, Uganda, and Cambodia are now. China has given a blank check to Sri Lanka. China assumes that by supporting Sri Lanka they can check India's growth. Don't you think this is similar to what happened in Afghanistan? American supported mujahidins to dent Soviet, but look where the country is now?

Anyhow, I am no LTTE sympathizer. I still say, Prabakaran should surrender to India and by which he could stop this killing of innocent Tamil. I hope one day, people in Tamil Nadu select a nationalistic party (yes even Congress) which might aid a new beginning for all of us. 40 years these bastards from DMK and ADMK have plundered wealth and screwed up the state. They are responsible for every death in Sri Lanka, hope all will change one day.


Ela said…
"hope all will change one day"

...how??? is the question!
Slogger said…
ராஜாஜி மாதிரி ஒரு நல்ல தலைவர் வந்தாதான் முடியும்

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