Fake IPL Player

Last week, the web was set ablaze by a blogger who calls himself "Fake IPL Player". The blog had everything in it, Sex, Corruption, Movie Stars and of course Cricket. What else do you need to catch an Indian.

I do feel that IPL is getting out of hand. Modi's greed will bury this giant. Where the heck did Preeti gets money to run a IPL franchise. I wouldn't be surprised if Dawood is running it! BCCI better get their act right, if not they will go down along with ICC.


Ottayan said…
Annayira jyothi:)
Slogger said…
Hi Otts,
Long time no see. I agree, What can we say.
Ela said…
Hmmm...seems that now cricket gets interesting!
Slogger said…
Indian achay; Cricket is in blood.

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