DMK vs. Vikatan –

The phenomenal growth of Sun Network has forced Media (both print and broadcast) to work in alliance with the Network (read DMK). This was no difference for Vikatan. With their profitable Vikatan Talkies, who successfully run several Soap operas in Sun, I have never seen Vikatan write anything ill either in Junior or Ananda Vikatan. It looks like all these have changed after election. Lately there were several article criticizing Karunanidhi and his party members. While going after Minister Raja is one thing, which purely is a personal vendetta; criticizing Karunanidhi’s plan to turn his house into hospital for poor is bizarre. I do agree with Vikatan on this, but it bugs me why? Why now? I am not sure whether Maran and Stalin are behind this? Because from what I see they are no different but I see no article about them. The amount of money Maran family has plundered over the year is unbelievable, but still he has a clean image and the media never opens their mouth against him.

What ever it is, I hate these Dravidian parties, and so what ever plays for their downfall is fine by me. Karunanidhi knows the power of Media; he learnt his lesson when he went against the Maran’s. So we have to wait and see how this plays out.


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Truth is out here:
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Interesting read!

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