Sri Lankan Tamil – Use and Throw

If you have any interest to enter politics in Tamil Nadu, you better talk about

1.Rice (Free, Rs. 1, Rs. 2. Doesn’t matter)
2.Liquor (Ban it; When State is bankrupt, bring it back)
7.Sri Lankan Tamils

We have our Dravidian parties ruling our state for the past 41 years. Over this time what have they done on these issues? I can forgive everything but what these politicians are doing with Tamils in Sri Lanka is unforgivable. You don’t play with human life to get votes. We as a human being should be ashamed that we let freaking Dravidian Party leaders play us like puppies.

Yesterday, our new media darling Kannimozhi resigned her MP post and her statement was, “Only the educated rich didn’t care about Sri Lankan Tamil. We always are there for them”. Really! So I guess she lives in Ayodhya Kupam, and Tamil Nadu is run by peasants. What her moral standing on this issue? To that matter the same is true for Karunanidhi. This bastard has used them again and again and at the end of the day, was there a solution? Just to save his ass, he kept quite for so long, suddenly when his support base is dwindling, now he is a savior of Sri Lankan Tamil? Why did he keep his mouth shut when Vaiko was giving speeches to save them?

People as always let there emotion overwhelm reasoning. Let’s get the fact straight and ask our favored politicians certain basic questions.

- Do you support Tamil Eelam?
This will never happen. Eelam is always part of Sri Lanka and it will remain so.

- Why were they quite when Indian Government supported Sri Lanka with weapons?
Tamil Nadu was running high with anti LTTE sentiments, so no one wanted to talk about Sri Lankan Tamil after Rajiv Gandhi’s death

- What’s their take on LTTE
Well, they don’t know yet? If they support, they got to lose their central ministry.
Where LTTE stands today is largely due to Indira Gandhi. It’s pathetic that normal Indian doesn’t know anything about their training centers in Dharmapuri. LTTE might be fighting for the survival of Tamils, but for Indian government to help them grow, was stupid. Sri Lankan issue could have been resolved by isolating Sri Lankan right after 80’s attack on Tamil. What Sri Lankan did and doing now is barbaric but people got to understand that India wields so much power in that region, you don’t need a war.
My question here is why we can’t split Sri Lankan Tamil issue and LTTE. I am not sure what LTTE acheived? Lankans have committed atrocities against Tamil, that’s the fact. The question is, did LTTE added flame to the issue or did it control it to an extent? Can't we control Lankan government from killing Sri Lankan Tamils without aiding LTTE?

- What do you want Indian government to do?
Can anyone from the Dravidian party answer this question? They don’t know?

-What is your solution for this issue?
They probably will say, Eelam. Because they know fully well that Separate Eelam will never happen and by that they can make sure to beat this issue until one’s death.

Look, people are dying for no mistake of theirs. The only way to broker a peace is by asking Prabakaran to surrender to India. He can keep his head high with Sri Lankan Tamil. Make sure Indian Government sit with knowledgeable Sri Lankan Tamils and Sri Lankan government and make sure a peace plan is inked. Make UN watch implantation and be sure no Indian Solider steps in Sri Lankan soil. If possible make sure Tamil Nadu leader play no part in this.


Ottayan said…
You missed out free 'color television' from your list. :)
Ela said…
Disgusting Dravidian politicians...should nuke all of them!
That's right OTTS, how silly me.
Ela - Death might be a easy way out for these guys
Nagarajan L V said…
In a feedback to Times of India news item, I had sent the following comments. It was kindly published by them. Your may also may find this interesting.

L V Nagarajan, Mumbai, says: “I read the story and all the comments. I have following questions which need answers: 1. LTTE is declared as a terrorist organisation. In the last 10 years, what are the terrorist activities in which LTTE is involved, especially outside Sri Lanka? 2. Our beloved young prime-minister Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated by an LTTE sympathiser, possibly as a plot by LTTE. How many lacs of Srilankan Tamils should die as a revenge for this grave crime by LTTE? 3. When Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka can consider pardoning Nalini who was directly involved in Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination, why the Indian government can’t pardon unconnected Srilankan Tamil people and help them in a humanitarian way. Or, was Sonia’s pardon only a political gimmick? 4. Indian Government has intervened many times in the past, in Tamil struggle in Srilanka. Almost all the time the effort was against Tamil interests, (except during a brief period in Indira Gandhi’s time.) Why should they fight shy of intervening now? Is it in respect to the memory of Sri Rajiv Gandhi? 5. Srilankan Tamils are of Indian origin. Have not the government of India acted more sympathetically towards other people of indian origin struggling in other countries? 6. When some body raises these questions why should they be considered as sympathisers of LTTE? (I am Not a sympathiser of LTTE). Is it because, as of now Srilankan people’s only saviour is LTTE? I do not know. I only hope the innocent Tamil people of Srilanka find an early solution to their struggle. God save them.”
[24 Oct, 2008 0208hrs IST]

I really would like to know your answers for the above questions, so that I can correct myself if I am wrong.

Please refer to my blog on this subject for further discussions on this issue.

Mr. Nagarajan,

Thanks for visiting my blog. Srilankan Tamil issue is complex isn’t it? Your questions on Time of India are laced with the word LTTE on every sentence. For me that’s a fundamental problem. As a society we talk about Gandhi and portray us as the sons from the land of Buddha but for us to differentiate an armed struggle from a non-violence path is such a problem. Can we equate Prabakaran with Dalai Lama, after all both are fighting against political oppression?

One's view on LTTE varies based on his loyalty. If you are Hassan Ali (Ramanathapuram MLA), then you oppose LTTE because for you they are Muslim Killers. If you are Karunanidhi, then you milk the issue to get some cheap votes and thus never say in public whether you support or oppose. If you are Nedumaran, then you want a separate Tamil Nation which includes part of Sri Lanka and thus support LTTE. But, there are few minorities like me whom don't look at the world as a Tamilian but as an Indian. My alliance is for India as a country not for the so called regional politics.

You bring up a point about Indira Gandhi, and I have to disagree with you on reason why Indira Gandhi interfered on Tamil issue. Political geniuses under her didn’t want to solve the issue they wanted to inflame it. They assumed that armed LTTE struggle will benefit India (Not to mention the free votes congress will get from Tamil Nadu). Who is Sonia Gandhi to pardon, Nalini. I would argue that Gandhi would have forgiven Godse, but that didn’t stop us from hanging him. The law of the land should stand, for me LTTE killed Rajiv Gandhi, I hate the entire Nehru family but that’s doesn’t matter, LTTE planned and Killed a Prime Minister for that Prabakaran should be in Jail.

So when does an organization becomes a Terrorist outfit? If you argue that Gandhi’s philosophy won’t work in today’s world and that you have fight for your survival I have no problem with that. But the movement you have gang war in Burma Bazaar, the moment you kill a political leader who oppose your view, the moment you set a bomb blast in your neighboring country you become a terrorist organization. Again I am going to ask the same question that I put forth in my blog to you and all the political leader in Tamil Nadu, why don’t you ask Prabakaran to surrender to India (if he doesn’t like India, he can always go to Norway) not Sri Lanka and tell the world that Sri Lankan army should stop killing innocent Tamil. They cannot because the survival of LTTE is more important then the death of Tamils.

I don’t think Sri Lankan will ever give up their land. Because of Ramayan they would always think India as something alien, so lets drop this request for separate land from Tamil and try to solve this issue with dialogue and if it doesn’t help bring in UN. Let India fight that war and I will support it 100 percent.

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