My Kids - Americans!

And this is where, my kids are gonna grow up as an American! Well May be....

@MeredithRoanell "This is Miss America... not Miss Foreign Country"

@kathrynryan50 "shes like not even american and she won miss america"

@EJRBuckeye "Well they just picked a Muslim for Miss America. That must've made Obama happy. Maybe he had a vote"

@Granvil_Colt "And the Arab wins Miss America. Classic."

@Not_MissAmerica "More like Miss Terrorist #MissAmerica"

@jakeamick5 "How the fuck does a foreigner win miss America? She is a Arab! #idiots"

@sarawhitton "this is America. not India"

@savannah_dale97 "Miss New York is an Indian.. With all do respect, this is America"

@wnfraser "@ABC2020 nice slap in the face to the people of 9-11 how pathetic #missamerica"

@SHANN___Wow "Miss America right now or miss Al Qaeda?"

@JPLman95 "Miss America? You mean Miss 7-11."

@kalebistoocute "Man our president nor our new Miss America isn't even American I'm sorry but Miss Kansas I salute you your the real American #MissAmerica"

@JTomes84 "Miss America is brought to by their sponsors PF Changs and 7-11."

@_AudreyAnn "Miss America is a terrorist. Whatever. It's fine."

@Blayne_MkItRain "Congratulations Al-Qaeda. Our Miss America is one of you."

@anthonytkr "#MissAmerica ummm wtf?! Have we forgotten 9/11?"

@LukeBrasili "9/11 was 4 days ago and she gets miss America?"

@ColtonSEvans "Egypt dancing? This is America. #MissAmerica"

@NateBerard "Asian or indian are you kiddin this is america omg"

@JAyres15 "I swear I'm not racist but this is America."



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