Mr. Putin vs. Mr. Obama –

The last week or two has been a political disaster for Obama. While listening to Fox News, I overheard the host making an analogy, “I can talk bad about my sister, but how dare Putin talks bad about her”. I don’t know whether to laugh at the host or feel bad for Obama.

I have been critical of Obama, I have no personnel vendetta against him nor do I care for America’s internal politics. But where Obama strikes similarity to where I grew up was how the current political system (both in US and India) allows people who until three decades ago where severely handicapped within their community, to position themselves to decisively make changes for the good. But, the sad part is almost all of them fail. That for me is an interesting subject.

People compare MLK to Gandhi, but in essence MLK is more like Periyar than Gandhi. I haven’t read much about MLK, but I would guess what MLK was fighting for was to eliminate the boundary created by the color and to treat every man or women to be equal, not to place a black man in the presidential palace. What I am trying to say is, Obama’s presidential win doesn’t eliminate race in America. Obama is a product of that fight MLK started, Obama didn’t win that fight but he is part of the progress which has been achieved through that fight.

Every Brahmin I am in touch over the years including my wife thinks their system is somewhat better. Now, most of them don’t do it intentionally but that’s how they are tuned. The same goes with the white man; they are tuned to think that a person of color (whether its brown or black doesn’t matter) is destined to be a follower not a leader. Every white talk show host in American think that way, now you might say look at California, look at the people in the left they support Obama. No they don’t, most (I say most) of them does that because it is the cool thing to do. Do you think the morons in Hollywood really care for Obama? Most of them have no clue what politics is, but they have money, they want to be in the limelight, they want to be appreciated and the best way to do that is by supporting the disabled or the disadvantaged.

Remember, the speech Obama made about the race before being elected as a President in a Church at Chicago. I wish he continued in that direction, but instead, just like any other politician he choose when to be black and when to be a leader beyond color. When I heard that the he called himself black when he filled for the nomination, I felt so bad for his mother and grand-mother. Doesn’t that nullify all that MLK was fighting for? If he left it blank or if he called himself white for that matter I would have respected him but to get some vote he became a black. I am not sure Obama knows what he wants. He wants to be strong leader; he wants to make his mark through Obama Care, Immigration, etc. but most white man doesn’t want to follow. They want a true white leader, who could guide them during this tough time, while at it, help some disadvantaged black man. Obama’s mission should have been an effort to change that mindset through strong leadership which doesn’t mean to be an egomaniac but to engage in discussion both at the granular level and at the senate. Obama never talks to senator or congressman; he feels that he can directly go to the people by utilizing prime-time television or at a steel mill at Pittsburg. I am not sure whether he talks to his own party men leave alone the opposition.

Coming back to our main point, by refusing to discuss with the senators on any issues and Obama has created a huge rift. While until today, was on internal issues has suddenly blown to be these huge international debacle. American political leader (as most politician, have no clue what’s going around and can only react, not lead) as following their main theme for the last 8 years opposed Obama. I think Putin used this perfectly and made Obama look like a fool. Now suddenly the right and left understood what’s going on and they were little late to back their president. They can react now but the war is lost already. Honestly, I felt relieved that another war was not started, but felt bad for Obama though. But, it was not anyone’s fault; he has to take full responsibility as a leader. I sure one day, he would say race played a factor while he was at the office, which I am sure it did but he cannot say he didn’t expect it. He knows, but instead of addressing it head on felt he is too big and that he doesn’t need senators’ support. True leaders understand the playing field; true leaders make sure the field they are playing is leveled before taking on their opponent, which I think Mr. Obama has failed.


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