Sledging – Uthappa Style

Sledging – Uthappa Style

Uthappa has written a column in cricinfo about sledging and how he and his teammates are not bogged down by sledging. He also mentions a conversion he had with Hayden,

Hayden, "This boy has got an average of 27; let’s bring it down to 20 before he leaves Australia."
Uthappa, “You know Matt, if you had batted in different positions that I have batted in you wouldn't even have had the average of 20”

I think someone should tell him that what he did was called defending and not sledging. All he was trying was to be a cry baby. Sledging is an art, and being a hardcore guy who grew up in Triplicane, I have seen guys cry, seen guys getting angry and guys who do what Uthappa did. They think they reciprocated well, but in turn they only made fool of themselves. Where I grew up, It’s not just on cricket field where sledging happens; it was part and parcel of life around me. I have to admit, I have been on the receiving end lots of time but you move on and as the Australians say, if at the end of the day you can go to a bar and laugh about it, it’s all OK.

Is there a guy who is good at sledging in the Indian team? I think Ganguly was good at it. When the opposition captain comes out and complains, then you have own half the battle, I remember the scenario with toss in the Chennai test against Australia. Dude came late, and Steve Waugh was livid. If he did it on purpose that’s priceless.


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