Coimbatore Dare Devils - If Only

One day I wish to buy an IPL franchise, put them in a good market and name them Dare Devils. A great stadium could be built at the footsteps of Nilgiris. A good star hotel near that area, the stadium will be multipurpose, with shopping mall around the stadium. We could carry on events such as political meeting, cultural programs during off season. In addition, a good public park near the stadium. Man, if only.


Arun Sundar said…
What you are starting a political party or something? ;)
Thats the idea. Will you support me :)
Ela said…
ahhaa...sabash seriyana potti...kabalikkum sloggerukkum! or am i witnessing the forging of a future political collaboration?
Son of a gun, Delhi team stole my idea!!!
Yvette said…
Interesting to know.

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