One of those days –

I am one of those, who don’t take failure/rejection well. I know it is part of learning and part of life, but that’s who I am. My physical and mental state (don’t ask me why) is in a way, that the moment I accept failure I know for sure I will be down the drain. Given the background, for 2 weeks I underwent lots of interviews and session with one of the leading consulting firm in US for a job. Everything went well, and they were happy with my credential, and I was mentally preparing myself for a new job. All of sudden, I got a call yesterday; the lady informed me that they have a “Non Compete” clause with my current company and they will run into legal trouble if they hire me. She informed me that if I quit my job, then they can hire me after 3 months, which I don’t want to do. Anyhow,didn't expect that. Upset!!!!


Ela said…
Well....guess everybody gets upset atleast for few minutes when their plans go into drains! so no complaining about that! and i don't think u can do anything about this policy of the company either and defintely it is not your mistake and short coming. So cheer up and use this experience in your job hunting session.
Thanks for your encouraging words. As you said, time heals everything and I am better already...

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