Rana Ayyub

Rana Ayyub's article on NDTV gives you a perfect example why terrorism exists in this world and the so called moderate Muslims like Rana Ayyub's role in this. These are individuals who honestly believe that the world is against them, and that the so called infidels are out there to get them. The rich in the middle east, and the Muslims in the west and India are protected no matter what, they can write like this and see poor souls slaughtered both in the Muslim world and others. They don't want to stand up and ask terrorist why take a gun? and who are they fighting? Anyone who reads can analyze the data available and conclude that they are fighting an inner demon and nothing else, but both moderate and fundamental Muslim believe that their house is clean and that their neighbors are messed up and the only way to keep the neighborhood clean is by killing them. Rana Ayyub goes on to create a parallel between Tamils and Muslims by bringing in LTTE. What she doesn't understand is that LTTE has been eradicated by moderate Tamils, by not supporting them when thousands where slaughtered in Sri Lanka. We did not see any bomb go off in Tamil Nadu, did we? Yes people were demonstrating on the street in support of the Tamil and that's what moderate individual do.
People who sets off bombs are poor, uneducated, even worse under-aged individuals, I can even forgive them for where they are Socially, but we should never forget or forgive people like Rana Ayyub for their role in terrorism. They are the reason millions are dying, both in and out of the Muslim world.

You can find the article by her, here



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