I am in a soup!!!

My boss is a nice guy, but he is new to IT so he totally at loss in an IT meeting. My colleagues all understand this, so each and everyone takes advantage of him. For example, if a project requires X amount of time and Y amount of Dollars, the projection from my colleagues are always X+10 and Y+10.
I should have played it safe and kept my mouth shut, but being a guy who is screwed up in his head, I confronted him and told him that he should take a deeper look at estimates and projects as a whole.
Now, what do you think happened? Here is sequence of events over the last 1 month.

a. My boss came to me and said he going to raise my salary by 4 percent.
b. He informed me that, it’s acceptable to aim high in life, but asked me not to step on others on my way.
c. He questioned why I need an MBA and PMP to do my current job
d. He asked me not to leave my job in the middle of a project.
e. My colleagues took offence of what I did, and thus everyone giving me a cold shoulder.

Don’t know what my boss is thinking, but I sure know it’s not good. Well, at least I got a 4 % raise!!!


Ela said…
Is that 4% > or = X+10 and Y+10?!
My 4% is peanuts when it comes to the project estimation.

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