Friday, August 8, 2008

Olympics –

Well folks, here we are. The pinnacle of the sports world and the debacle of sports India , Olympics is underway. Last time when I made a prediction (during the cricket world cup in Caribbean) it was horrible. I made a bold statement that India will win the cup; they didn’t even qualify for the second round. Now, I am going to make another bold statement, here it goes

Shooting – 2 Gold
Archery – 1 Silver
Tennis – 1 Silver
Boxing – 1 Bronze.


Ela said...

It's's all in the game...after all what would be the world with out the word "optimism"

Ottayan said...

Lets hope your prediction comes true.

The Victorious.. said...


SLOGGER said...

Ela - Better?
Ottayan - One down, I guess Boxing, shooting and Archery is already out. We still have Tennis Doubles!!!
Victorious - If it materializes