Olympics –

Well folks, here we are. The pinnacle of the sports world and the debacle of sports India , Olympics is underway. Last time when I made a prediction (during the cricket world cup in Caribbean) it was horrible. I made a bold statement that India will win the cup; they didn’t even qualify for the second round. Now, I am going to make another bold statement, here it goes

Shooting – 2 Gold
Archery – 1 Silver
Tennis – 1 Silver
Boxing – 1 Bronze.


Ela said…
It's ok....it's all in the game...after all what would be the world with out the word "optimism"
Ottayan said…
Lets hope your prediction comes true.
Ela - Better?
Ottayan - One down, I guess Boxing, shooting and Archery is already out. We still have Tennis Doubles!!!
Victorious - If it materializes

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