Kamal – Dasavatharam Review

First thing first, I watched the movie for about an hour, and I literally walked out. The movie was horrible. I read some reviews, and I was amazed how skewed they are. Movies like Hey Ram, Anbe Sivam, Devar Magan were some of the greatest work by Kamal and there is no denying it but you can’t put Dasavatharam on par with those movies, not even close. Its hard to figure out why he does this to himself? Why a talented actor, writer, good social thinker does these sub par works? He should stop writing screenplays for movies.

A man who is marked for greatness is always an egomaniac, high achiever don’t live a content life, they always think outside the box. Kamal is one among them. I don’t think he listens to anyone. But I think he needs someone to fine-tune him. I think Crazy Mohan was a good fit, Srinivasarao was good, I forgot who wrote screenplay for Kurudhi Punal that movie was good. Anyhow, one day when I am bored enough, I think I should finish watching that movie, may be second half was good?


Ottayan said…
I am curious to know why you left out Veeramandi from your list of good Kamal movies.To me Devar Magan is great for its screenplay, Veeramandi for both direction and screen play.

It is P.C.Sreeram the cinematographer, who wrote the screenplay for Kuruthu Punal. ( I may be wrong because the movies was originally made for a Telugu audience.)
Virumandi, except for Pasupathi and Kamal I didn't like any other cast(Like Rohini, she was horrible). Also the climax didn't go that well. May be I was expecting another Devar Magan. But my main concern was with the Story. Everyone know he was making the movie about caste based issue. The issue was between Devars and backward class, but he chickened out.
Ela said…
Dasa was a mixed feeling for me.....may be becoz i watched the movie in clips all mixed up...so it kind of made sense for me....may be u should also try it!

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