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For those who feel that Modi is a bad news for India, where you have been for the past 50 years?

Have you seen the world around you? Do you even understand that political playground both in India and abroad? Even after 50 years of failure, if you want to live with the false promises of Congress and Left, what can I say?

Religious fundamentalism, it is used by everyone isn’t it? Let’s define this term “religious fundamentalism”. It is a narrow set of belief which glorifies one’s religion at the expense of the others. Given that, if we dig deep, in our current world there are only 2 sources for all our religions right? One originates from the west, the so called Abrahamic religions. The other is the so called eastern religions which include Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Confucianism etc.

By now, we can take it for granted that religion whether it’s from east or west work towards attaining heaven or Mukti as it’s called in Hinduism. Buddhism and Jainism don’t have an absolute creator or God; they revolve around attainment of Nirvana. These religions are similar to an early sect in Hinduism called Carvaka. I know many don’t like Buddhism and Jainism to be grouped under Hinduism but lets run along with that definition for the time being. Confucianism is also a way of life, and I don’t think God is any where in the picture.

What these definitions got to do with religious fundamentalism? Well, the answers lie in whether you go with the so called western or eastern religion. If we take all the layers out, all of Abraham’s religions gave you a book and in that book it gave you a single way to attain God correct? If you follow any other path, which are all grouped under pagan sect, you are sure to go to hell. Now if you are religious fanatic, you take your ideas to the core, and even commend the idea of killing others on the philosophy that pagan worshippers are devils.

Now lets analysis, eastern religion. If you are true (I said TRUE) to your eastern philosophy, it doesn’t matter whether you are a follower of Abraham’s philosophy or you’re a sole who doesn’t believe in God himself. All that matters is that you have led a good life. With that, how can I bring religious fundamentalism in eastern philosophy? In essence, you accept what ever is thrown at you and move on. This is exact reason, why Muslim and European invaders were so successful in India. Over 1000 years this has been going on, Greek Gods were destroyed, Zoroastrianism, and the followers of eastern religion in Afghan and Pakistan were destroyed, but still we move along. Nothing happened right, why should you care about the shirt you wear? as long as you have one, life moves on.

All these eastern philosophy looks great when you read, but the world we live in is different. Even the country which split from India doesn’t respect us because we are kafirs. But we take great pride in telling others about our tolerance. The worlds around us have grouped together based on religion but not us. That’s the only reason we all by ourselves in this world. There is not a single soul which will stand behind us, if things go bad. The closest neighbor who can harbor us may be china, but what a pity politically we don’t get along.

What happened to the so called Non Aliened Movement by Nehru? It’s in the drain right? What happened to all the prosperity promised by our great leaders; their vision? Or may be we should shun all the religion and follow communism? That will help!!

Now to my main point, we are in a way used to accept fundamentalism in the West or in the Middle East. But the moment an Indian leader stands up and says that we need our own land it becomes highly unacceptable. Even Lord Krishna stood up for Pandava’s right at the end. Standing up is not a bad thing, we need a place to live, we need to be self sufficient and we need protection. All these cannot be achieved if we are in our current mode of forgiveness and acceptance without question. I sincerely feel Modi is a good addition to our country. Now, do I accept the death or riots in Gujarat, No, at the same time if one stands up for his rights, riot happens, so what else do you want him to do? People like to complain, but they don’t want to be a part of the solution. Let me ask you all a question, how do you allow all the Hindu’s to have a dignified, self sufficient life, without the fear of outside world? Work on the solution and forward that to people like Modi and then you can start criticizing him.


Ela said…
Hmmmm....when i was first asked by an foreigner friend whether i am an Hindu and what exactly this religion means, i started with a confused look on my face stating that Hinduism is a way of life rather than a religion like Christianity or Islam...

And when people complain that Muslims are terrible i just tell them i so far had no problems with them. It is only with Christians, not even with Christ himself but just the so called Christians, that i have problems with...since every time without any respect for my privacy, without any respect for me as an individual and my beliefs...they try to bump into my life rudely and try to preach me the peace of God....
I do agree that people have to stand up for preserving their identity but the way our politicians do that -for their ultimate political gains and glory- that i will not/ cannot accept. And i guess Hinduism itself does not need such a stand up to save itself, as u have said by urself that i had withstood all these years...
Ela –
I kind of understand your point, but when we try to be honest, human beings are greedy. I am greedy, I want my family to be prosperous, and there is greed in it. Human being needs social bond and that’s the source of all problems. Can we come out of it? Well, that’s a hard thing to do isn’t it? So we work with the system and try to get a solution out of it. That’s my point. I am not here to argue, whether Modi is bad or good, all I am saying is he is making a stand, and I cannot fault him. He may or may not have bad intentions and I agree there are some bad things coming out due to his stand, but as of now I do not have any other solution than his. The world around me have ganged up based on religion, it’s a bad thing. Now, can I follow Gandhi’s foot step or the principles of my religion and allow them to run over me. Well, in theory I should, based on my religion. But my heart says stand up and fight. Currently, I do not have answer to logically argue with my heart.

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