Back from Vacation

Back from my vacation to DC. What did I do? Same old schedule of course; sit at my brother’s house & do nothing. One change though, went to Raleigh, NC and I did see couple of movies, I am Legend was good. I always get stressed out meeting my parents, specifically my father. My father and I are totally apart, that’s a good thing though, if not we would be fighting every day. The main difference between us is, I like a good argument but not a fight but he likes a fight without any argument.
Anyhow, 2007 is done. For me 2007, was a confidence builder. Other than that, I don’t want to rate a year good or bad, because honestly, a year is just a passage of time isn’t it.
Event List for 2007
1.Got my EAD
2.Wife got a job
3.Younger one started his pre-school
4.Elder one started his regular School
5.Read some good books.
The 2 best are
a. The universe in single atom by Dalai Lama
b. Life Ahead by Jiddu Krishnamurthy
6.India Trip
7.Wife finished her Masters
8.Started to blog
9.Started to look for another job


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