Law to protect Elderly

Here we go again, people trying to live the other's life. I think Gandhi once said, "I am a Hindu but that's who I am. The State has nothing to do with it". You are not God, You are not even a perfect human being, then where on earth did you get the right to impose these laws?

Don't they know that Love cannot be forced by laws. Bunch of morons.

For people who disagree, I do not see laws such as,

1. Compulsory education for all kids. It doesn't matter whether you are crorepathi or street vendor.
2. If you abusive to your kids, you go to jail
3. Its illegal to divorce your spouse if you have a kid
4. If your kid become disabled due to your neglect, you go to jail
5. You cannot have multiple brides.

Do you want me to go on.....


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