Tamilselvan Dead –

It has been more than 20 years now, 24 to be exact. The conflict between Srilankan Army and the Tigers seems to be moving in the wrong direction. Today, one of the high figures with the Tigers is dead. Tamilselvan, always had a pacifist look, and I was hoping one day, he along with others might be able to put a peace plan on the table, but it is a war and war does take causalities.

A conflict in the name of religion or race is hard to negotiate. That’s why; I think they lost a golden opportunity when IPKF was there. It was a volatile combination, Indian Army, Srilankan Army and the Tigers. They should have asked UN to foresee the operation. Everyone made mistakes, certainly the latest book by an Indian Army personnel points out lot of blame on the Indian think tank. But in the end, Prabakaran did not do his homework right. He assumed that he will still have the support of the Tamils, after killing India’s Prime Minister. What a grave mistake that was.

Anyhow, it is going to be a tough road ahead. Seems like Prabakaran death could cause a political swift, which intern could cause Srilankan Army gain huge power. This swift, might be bad for the Tamils but might bring a result to the war. I don’t see any other end to it. Given his leadership style, Prabakaran, with no second in command it is hard to see Tigers without their leader. Tigers and Prabakaran has become something like a synonym. Also, the fight for Tamil Ellam is something similar to Kashmir, just like how I would not like to loose Kashmir, the Srilankan would not like to loose Tamil Ellam. So even though my heart goes for the Tamils, common sense tells me that it is a hard bargain. They could work out something similar to Great Britain, but that will not work without economical prosperity in the northern part of Srilanka. Simply put, Srilanka does not have the resources or political power to achieve such a deal.

I have not read many things about Tamilselvan, but another soul is gone giving his life for the benefit of his people not just for his family and friend. That’s ultimate sacrifice, I do believe that he fought for a cause, and I hope the world see him the same way I do. There are many crazy fights going on around the world, in the name of religion and race. I guess History will decide the consequence with time.


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