Ranji Season Begins

Go Tamilnadu Go...... Obviously due ICL; this year is going to be without lots of big names, so I am little bit concerned about the team. But we got to live with what we got right? Lots of fringe players got their opportunity this year, hope they use it to its best. Especially Prasanna, Vasudevadas and Ashwin. Yo Mahesh, I heard he is good, but it is hard to judge a fast bowler in Indian condition. I read that Balaji should be back by the third game, so that should be good.
Now, I have to address an issue which has been lingering in my mind for a long time. States like Maharashtra, Gujarat have one state team and a team for their major city. Why it is not done in Tamil Nadu I have no idea. So many good players play for teams like Assam, Goa and other team, so I think we should have Team Chennai and Team Tamilnadu. It will benefit lot of state player.
Sharath, Sadagopan and Suresh are playing for Assam. Good for them, I would like to see them play for Tamilnadu but I guess thats not going to be possible now.
Another issue is with the Coach. W.V. Raman for coach? That makes me throw up. I remember him in a match in my college ground. He was standing in the slip, with his hand on his hip. The ball was flying to his right, he didn't even move his hand from his hip. After the ball reached the boundary, he jogged towards the ball to pick it up. He got all the talent in the world, but I don't think he is a team player.


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