Note about love –

I am 33 years old. I wake up everyday at 5.30, drink coffee browse the internet, and I get my 30 minutes of serenity. I have 2 kids; my wife gets busy preparing breakfast and lunch. I wake my kids, give them a shower, feed them their breakfast, drop them at school, and run to office; I physically impose myself at work for the next 8 hours. I leave work at 4.30, run to school pick my kids, feed them and work with their homework and take them to their classes, again feed them their dinner give them a shower, play with them for about 30 minutes, put them to bed. 90 % of time, I sleep before they close their eyes.

Except, my 8 hours at work there is not a minute which I do not enjoy everyday. Is this what they call love?


Ela said…
can call it as living a balanced life which has found the real inner Peace! which of course could also be called as LOVE, the most elusive, most often misunderstood and misinterpreted and searched for thing by human beings!
It’s a beautiful thing isn’t it? When there is love without any expectations.
Yayathy said…
You have accepted life as it came to you. So you really enjoy it......

Yayathy -
On the contrary, I am a greedy individual. I am a dreamer, but I make sure I include my family and friends in my dream. By doing that there is no conflicts.
Does it make sense? I sure hope it’s not, but that’s how I see it..

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