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9 Years of marriage, never watched my marriage video. Yesterday, that ended. I was quite surprised by the video. Probably, I was the only one who did not belong in there. At 24, I had no clue. I was showing off, I was trying not to talk to my wife (I was told that you should stamp your authority right at the beginning, I wonder where that went?), advising my friends and brothers what to do, talking on par with my uncles, I was sincerely trying to belong to the married man’s club. I looked like an idiot, but what’s surprising was that, my wife was at ease. We both are of same age, but how come she was more matured in the video?

Is it me or does everyone thinks that you always want to be at the next stage of your life. I remember growing up; all I wanted to be was to be Doctor, went to CEG and became an engineer. Right from the first year, I was thinking about the first job and first pay. From the very first day at work, I was thinking about marriage and my retirement!!!!

Marriage followed a similar pattern, I was thinking about the next face in life, not enjoying the moment. I guess my wife was content, she knew what she was getting into on the other hand I was totally lost. I wanted to show to my dad and my family that I am in control of everything but I was not, I was scared!!


Dilip said…
"From the very first day at work, I was thinking about marriage and my retirement!!!! "

Love that line, looks like im trying to be the same dude you were years back, ROTFL!
Careful in what you wish for man. It might come true ;)

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